Generator Annual Maintenance

Your KOHLER Generator requires annual maintenance to be done, these maintenance are scheduled in Spring Time or Fall depending on your generator purchase time.

What’s included in maintenance? We will come to your house and do annual maintenance on your generator from changing the Oil, Filter, Changing the spark plugs, and adding new fresh oil into the generator, Other Checks that are done on the generator are checking the battery year and voltages, and checking that all the connections are secured on the generator and finalize a test run on the generator to make sure all run smoothly. a transfer test can also be performed during the maintenance if the customer would like one done.

Booking for your Annual Maintenance

To book your Annual Maintenance you can simply reach by Phone: at (613) 793-1045 or by email at  [email protected], an online booking feature will be available soon to simply book.

Battery Check up Reminder

Generator Batteries are recommended to be replaced after 3 years no more than 4 years, after 3 years a battery can start showing signs of failure and can prevent the generator from starting up and powering the house! The battery is checked each Maintenance and you will be reminded of the battery year if the battery is near its replacement or if one should be replaced you will be informed!

Winter Snow Removal!

Please do not forget to clear the snow around your generator, Your generator cannot breathe under 6 feet of snow, please clear the snow to allow your generator to be able to start and function at its full potential.