Step 1 Purchase/Estimation

Request a Quote Online & Receive an In person Estimation.

Step 2
Delivery Day!

Generator Delivered to your house

Step 3 & 4
Installation Day!

Install Day Gas & Electrical

Step 5
Startup & Commission

Final Step, Startup of the Generator with our Technician



A home backup generator is permanently installed outside your house (like an AC unit) and comes on automatically when the power is out — whether you’re home or away. They connect to your home’s natural gas or liquid propane system so there are no extension cords and no refueling with gasoline, just backup power when you need it most.  

The secret of success

Generator Tech Ottawa Inc. & KOHLER POWER

We Have PhD Power

In just 10 seconds, Kohler standby generators can automatically power your AC, heat, sump pump and major appliances like your fridge and oven- all at the same time*


We built our first generator in 1920. Since then we’ve had one simple goal: Build the best generators in the world

We back you with a long warranty.

you get our five-year, 2,000- hour limited warranty, plus a corrosion-proof enclosure that’s built to last.

We eat, sleep and breath quality.

Every KOHLER generator is meticulously quality-tested, start to finish. Once the design passes our inspection, it’s ready for production. Before it leaves our factory, we put it through its paces one more time. The result is total reliability.

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Christiane Cooper
Christiane Cooper
June 4, 2023
Great service from Luc Beauchamp and his team at Generator Tech Ottawa who installed a 20 KW Kohler generator last week. They were very professional, knowledgeable , explained things well. I would strongly recommend them. Thanks to Marc-André and Matthieu.
Shirley Mills
Shirley Mills
April 21, 2023
Outstanding service during the last ice storm. Even with regular maintenance, our whole home Generac generator failed (no fault of Generator Tech Ottawa -the item had been bought through Costco and only installed by Luc. Apparently Generac has a known problem). Luc came immediately (even though he was flying out of town in a couple of hours), brought us a portable generator to help us out, and installed a new Kohler whole home generator a couple of days later. Superb, professional service. Highest recommendation for his product, service, professionalism, and honesty.
Angie G
Angie G
April 5, 2023
Thinking of getting a standby generator? Luc Beauchamp is the person you want to deal with. After the derecho, I reached out to Luc to get an estimate. I called three different companies. Luc came the same day and walked me through the process. Others didn't return my call. He gave me a detailed quote and explained what I needed. He told me he would drop the generator, arrange the electrician and the propane hook up. He told me to be prepared that it would take forever with Hydro One. He was right. Everything was done as promised. Luc's team even filled out my Kohler rebate for me and I got over $500 back!!! Luc and his team were super easy to deal with, great communication and available to answer questions. Great experience!
Francois LeMay
Francois LeMay
February 18, 2023
Great service
Ilia Ekchtout
Ilia Ekchtout
November 21, 2022
I've got Kohler generator installed by Luc and his team. Everything was done in time, accurately, very professionally. Thank you very much Luc! Highly recommended. Well, it was tested yesterday when a power outage happened in our area. We were so lucky to have power. Thanks again Luc!
Gobear Gromit
Gobear Gromit
November 10, 2022
I’ve noticed over the years most people only send emails to complain ..this is not one of those.. From start to finish the purchase , installation , commissioning went extremely well , the whole team has cohesive flow to it. Special thanks goes out to Blake and Ronny for their tireless work in completing the installation , scheduling and along the way making sure I was informed with all the steps, very professional. And last but not least Alex and Matt for doing a great job in explaining all the ins and outs of generator ownership and commissioning the unit. We look forward to many years of feeling safe from our ever changing environment , safe in the knowledge we will always have a back up. Cheers Gary
Woodie Morley
Woodie Morley
September 23, 2022
Generator Tech has a great team of knowledgeable and competent professionals. That meaning: Luc, Alex, Brian, Lisa, Shane,Bonnie and the rest of the team were all very attentive to our needs and demonstrated excellent interpersonal skills. It’s a pleasure to know that I not only have a reasonably quiet standby generator at around 80 decibels but also a back up team that will check in on it once a year to make sure it’s ready if or when needed. Woodie